"Iridology" refers to study of the iris of the eye with the intent of using the information gained to learn about an individual's state of health and nutritional status.


The iris of the eye is the only place on the body where nerve reflex tissue can be seen with the naked eye.  A trained & experienced iridologist will examine this and use it to learn about an individual's strengths/weaknesses, genetic predisposition, identify organ systems that are under stress and apparent mineral/ vitamin deficiencies etc.


Iridology is not a psychic reading.  It is not a diagnostic tool but rather an analytical tool.


$50 per initial session

$40 per followup

Goodlettsville & Mount Juliet locations (alternating weeks) - Friday 9a-5p  
Call  (615) 851-7959 (Goodlettsville) or (615) 553-4916 (Mount Juliet) for an appointment.

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