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"Iridology" refers to study of the iris of the eye with the intent of using the information gained to learn about an individual's state of health and nutritional status.


The iris of the eye is the only place on the body where nerve reflex tissue can be seen with the naked eye.  A trained & experienced iridologist will examine this and use it to learn about an individual's strengths/weaknesses, genetic predisposition, identify organ systems that are under stress and apparent mineral/ vitamin deficiencies, etc.


Iridology is not a psychic reading.  It is not a diagnostic tool, but rather an analytical tool.

All Iridology appointments include RBTI (Reams Biological Theory of Ionization), which tests the urine and saliva and works in conjunction with the eye exam to give an in-depth look into total carbohydrate, pH, conductivity, cell debris, nitrate nitrogen, and ammonia nitrogen levels. This helps the Iridologist customize recommendations for foods, herbs, and modalities that may benefit the client. 


All Iridology/RBTI Appointments: $100 per person

*Please note that each individual requires a designated appointment time 


Iridology services offered on Fridays only 
Call  (615) 851-7959 to book an appointment
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