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About Us

Orbit Nutrition Center is open to the public in Old Hickory, TN (Nashville area) and offers a variety of over 10,000 high quality supplements, homeopathics, food, water, and personal care products. We also provide holistic health and wellness education and services within a Private Health Membership Association.

We take great care in selecting top quality products to support your health and well being!

  • We offer products created in nature, without synthetic ingredients or fillers

  • We carry brands who show us they are motivated by God's natural law 

  • We support corporations that do not want to control your health, but rather give you choices


We Have Your Favorite Brands:

        Supplements: Barlean's; Gaia Herbs; Genesis Today; KAL; Solaray;

        Homepathics: Hyland's; Newton

        Personal Care: Aubrey; Giovanni; Herbatint; Jason's

        Essential Oils: Aura Cacia; Now; Wyndmere

        Food and Water: Arrow Mills; Bragg; Red Mill; Namaste, Energ-G

        Mountain Fresh Water: Reverse Osmosis Purified Water, Oxygenated

                                                   Reverse Osmosis Purified  Water, and Reverse

                                                   Osmosis Alkaline Water.

Meet Our Team

Andy Needham-

Andy is the owner of Orbit Nutrition and Wellness Center.  He started his business with his own two hands and built it up from nothing.  He is passionate about his work and enjoys keeping people healthy.


In 1984 Andy was hospitalized with trilobular pneumonia.  He was dissatisfied with the hospital's treatment plan but thought he had no other alternative.  His sister referred him to a local health food store, and he believes it saved his life. 


Four years later, after much research into natural methods of maintaining and regaining health, on April 13th, 1988, Andy opened the first store and named it "Orbit Health". 


Most independent health food stores have the same objective to help as many people as they can to reach and maintain optimal health, with the best products and knowledge available.


Orbit's goal as well as Andy's personal objective is to provide a healthy products and holistic services with an open atmosphere, which incorporates all facets of natural, healthy lifestyles. 

Terrye's pic.jpg

Nathan Beachy and his lovely wife, Ida- 

Come to us from South Central Kentucky and bring the valuable service of Iridology, RBTI, and Herbology to our clients. Nathan has trained and worked with world reknown Iridologist Reuben Schwarz since 2006.


Nathan and Ida also offer over ten years of experience in Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). Nathan studied under Dr. Alexander Beddoe (Dr. Ream's prized student and the only authorized publisher of Ream's published works) and the late Dr. Robert J. Kilian.


Both of these services are by appointment only on Fridays.

Terrye Blystone- 
Has been with Orbit Health Food Store for 20 years and is the General Manager over both the Goodlettsville and Old Hickory locations. She is our product specialist and in charge of ordering, shipping, and processing.
Terrye is happy to assist you with all club member modalities and order special products for you.
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