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Infrared saunas cause an internal heat to detoxify the body and release stored toxins through sweat. Our infrared sauna, (cocoon) is lined with beneficial crystals and equipped with an internal vibrating massage bed that puts you in full control of your comfort and relaxation. Benefits include: detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, weight loss, improved circulation and skin purification.

$55.00 Initial session

$15.00 Every session thereafter


Orbit Health Food Store and Private Wellness Club 
- Get Well! Be Well! Stay Well!


- Orbit Health Food Store & Private Wellness Club is a full service healing center offering; biofeedback screenings, ionic and ozone foot baths, far-infrared sauna, colonics, raindrop technique, angel energy healing touch, therapeutic healing touch, emotional wellness coaching, gentle healing yoga/meditation private sessions, chakra balancing and much, much more.

Some Key Infrared Cocoon  Features 


Our infrared (cocoon) is lined with specific gemstones to enhance the power and precision of your infrared, (cocoon) experience.


- Jade Gemstone: promotes balance, peace, and creativity. Known to heal stressed organs, detox the body, slow down cell aging and strengthen the body's immune system. 

- Germanium Gemstone: Aids in far infrared penetration. Known to kill certain bacteria and boost immunity. Promotes oxygen supply and energy to the body. Relieves joint pain and reduces swelling.

- Tourmaline Gemstone: Said to emit negative ions, relieves stress, increases alertness, stimulates circulation and boosts immunity. Increases circulation, helps eliminate toxic metals and supports fat loss.

Built-in Vibrating Massage Bed

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