What is the big deal about Himalayan Salt?

People are talking about this great salt called Himalayan Salt. This leaves others asking what makes it so much better than iodized salt or table salt or any other salt for that matter? The answer is rather simple and today we will answer that.

Himalayan Salt is hand mined from salt mines in Pakistan right at the base of the Himalayan Mountains which just so happens to be one of the purest salts left on earth. It contains over 84 trace minerals and that, creates a huge host of health benefits for the body.

These benefits include: increased hydration, balancing pH, reduce acid reflex, prevent muscle cramping, helps intestine absorb nutrients, strengthens bones, reduces signs of aging, detoxes the body of heavy metals, promotes lung function, helps clear sinus and respiratory issues, improves sleep and more.

Because it is one of the purest salts on earth and it is so full of trace minerals, it is one of the best salts to use for helping with food allergies. One reason people get food allergies is that their bodies do not create enough hydrochloric acid to digest the food they eat. Using Himalayan Salt in your food provides your body the minerals needed to create hydrochloric acid to digest food better resulting in fewer food allergies and issues related to food allergies such as eczema.

Additional uses for Himalayan Salt are detoxing and cleaning out your sinuses. Add a cup of Himalayan Salt to your bath (your bodies biggest organ) allows it to soak up all those minerals, which will reduce muscle pain and push out toxins from your body.

If you have ever tried using a saline solution to clear your sinuses, you know it usually works fast and great. Think about how fast it would work if you used Himalayan Salt. You are putting a pure salt full of minerals in your solution, which will go in and break up the all that nasty mucus that comes from colds, allergies and the like.

More and more families are switching from table salt to Himalayan salt and it is easy to see why. If you are interested in making the switch, Himalayan Salt is sold at both Orbit Health Food Store locations.

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