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Today's blog is a little different. This blog is going to be the sharing of a personal testimony of a member of Orbit The Health Food Store. One of the ways you figure something out in science is to put pieces of a puzzle together and try the result. This is what this person did and it gave them some insight as to the benefits of Magnesium. There a several testimonies with Magnesium, this is just one of them.

“When I was 3 months pregnant I went into the hospital with major headache and back pain. The pain was so bad that while I was trying to have a birthday party for my 5 year old, I honestly have no other memory of it other than sitting in a ball crying in pain. After several tests at the hospital, they discovered I had viral meningitis. I did all that they said to do. My doctor monitored my baby throughout the rest of the pregnancy and everything seemed fine. Six months later I gave birth to my third boy. He seemed completely healthy. Nothing was wrong with him, but man he was a SCREAMER. Even the nurses said they had never seen a baby scream as loud and for as long as he did. There were no signs anything was wrong with him. It appeared I had a strong willed infant who just loved his mamma.

Fast forward 2 months later, and I was an emotional wreck. Every night for 2 months my new son would scream and cry for 5 hours! Nothing I did could calm him down. I had him checked at the doctor, had him checked through natural screenings and had him adjusted regularly at the chiropractor. Nothing appeared wrong and he was great during the day, yet every night the screaming would start again.

Finally my mother-in-law witnessed it and told me I could not have been as sick as I was while pregnant and my baby not be affected at all. This sent me on a huge researching binge. I found out my son had symptoms of neonatal meningitis and this could lead to him being mentally, physically or both behind. I then followed up with reading what all this was and how do I start helping my son.

I found out that meningitis is an attack on the meninges. The meninges coat and protect your central nervous system; they are the membranes that develop the brain and spinal chord. In this I found out my 2 month old son could not control his body. He was having muscle jerks that would cause him to pop his head up in the middle of his sleep which he has been holding his head up since the day he was born, and I just thought he was strong. I never would have imagined it was his body having a muscle jerk. I would try to cuddle him and he would be all over the place. Every night he would be physically exhausted from muscle spasms and the only thing that would calm him down would be to swaddle him until he couldn't move and hold him to let him sleep.

With this information I went into researching what to do to calm his nervous system and try to repair this issue. I found natural remedies to calm the nervous system, and put him on them right away. Now that the symptom was being addressed, I went after the root. How do I repair the damage to my sons body.

This is what I found...

Magnesium has a ton of benefits including; preventing depression, dizziness, muscle weakness, twitching, muscle spasms, PMS, helps with headaches and migraines, reduce and dissolve kidney stones, aids in sleep, digestion and more. I even found an article that mentioned magnesium linked to the meninges. BINGO! I found a magnesium supplement at Orbit Health Food that was a liquid magnesium and had several other trace minerals. I put my son on it and have had him on this and the homeopathic nervous aids. He started resting and was becoming happy. He was starting to act like a typical infant his age.

My son is now 18 months old. He is right on track mentally and physically with the growth charts and in some areas he is above normal. I took him off everything recently and he was totally normal physically and mentally but was a basket case emotionally. I put him back on everything and he has been great (as great as an 18 month old is). He may have to be on magnesium the rest of his life, but most people should be after I found out all it does for you. I even put the rest of my family on it as well. I am so thankful to Orbit for teaching me to think outside today's traditional medicine and get back to what is here on the Earth for us to use and for providing the products I needed. It is by far one of my favorite stores out there!”

Thank you Orbit Member for sharing your story with us. If you have a testimony of a product you have used at Orbit, please send us an email through our "Contact Us" page.

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