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Are you trying to eat healthy but can't seem to stop craving bread and sugar? Do you have lower belly fat that won't seem to go away? Are you tired of being tired? The answer may be easier than you think.

Have you considered it might be a fungus overgrowth? Fungus is essential for healthy digestive and colon functions but when it becomes unbalanced it can be destructive for our systems. There are many factors that contribute to an imbalance of fungus, such as,

Stress - chronic stress can directly drive the PH into the acidic state. Acid PH provides a friendly environment for not only fungi, but any other opportunistic pathogens. Stress can affect breathing and oxygenation levels (see below).

Diet - Sugar feeds fungus. Grains and refined carbohydrates turn into sugar upon chewing. Alcohol is also a sugar, and dairy products involve lactose, a sugar. Recovering alcoholics tend to crave sugar. When you feed fungus in the body with sugar, the fungi produces alcohol as a by-product. So it is possible for a person with enough of a fungal load to perceive an alcohol buzz after ingesting sugar or refined grains, particularly. Now you know why Homer loves donuts!

Eating habits - Aside from dietary content, the modern fast food mentality precludes the needed phase of relaxed digestion. When there is no parasympathetic support time for proper digestion, food tends to putrefy, enzyme production is taxed leading to pancreatic weakness, and this poorly digested food provides fodder for the overgrowth of fungus. Digestive weakness like low HCL production can also contribute to the problem in a similar fashion.

Low Oxygen issues - Fungi are anaerobic organisms. They do not require oxygen; in fact oxygen is toxic to fungi. When fungi invade a body cell, the first thing they do is turn the oxygen metabolism off, making the cell weak and vulnerable to further invasion from other pathogens, particularly viruses can be a precursor to fungal overgrowth. These factors can include stress, smoking, undigested protein (leading to clumping of the red blood cells) and any form of anemia.

And the biggest contributor is antibiotics. While antibiotics kill the bad bacteria, they also kill the good bacteria that your body needs in order to keep your ph level and fungus balanced. If you do not replenish your body with good bacteria through probiotics, you create the perfect environment for Candida fungus to grow in your body.

Candida is a fungus that typically starts in the genitals and intestinal tract and from there can spread throughout the entire body. It feeds on sugar and yeast which causes you to crave sugar and yeast. It is extremely common in anyone who has ever been on an antibiotic or if you have a compromised immune system.

Candida overgrowth can lead to a huge host of problems such as fatigue, bad breath, heartburn, memory loss, thrush, food allergies, rashes, itching, PMS, yeast infections, adrenal problems, diabetes, kidney and bladder infections, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, headaches, abdominal pain, weight gain and more. Since it lives in the intestines, as it grows it can create a pooch in your lower belly.

No need to worry - Candida is usually fairly easy to get rid of. It just takes a good Candida Cleanse, taking out sugar and bread while on this cleanse, and drinking plenty of water to flush it out.

If you are craving bread and sugar, have little to no energy, a gut that won't seem to go away or any of the other symptoms listed, we highly recommend trying a Candida Cleanse. Both of our locations have a great selection of Candida Cleanses to choose from; however, our most popular choice is CandiGone by RenewLIfe, along with their CandiZyme, which is an enzyme that helps break down the hard outer coating of the candida fungus. The most popular probiotic for this issue is the Ultimate Flora 90 Billion by Renew Life.


Fungus Overgrowth – a Hidden Epidemic by: Dave Cowan


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