How common are parasites and how do I get rid of them?

Parasites are everywhere and in almost everything. They are in most of all foods and drinks we ingest. We are constantly putting parasites in our bodies without realizing it. So how do we make sure they don't stay in our bodies?

Parasites are not just a disgusting creature we talk about, and most doctors only treat parasites if they you are heavily infected and showing major symptoms. Parasites can be extremely destructive leading to asthma, allergies, malnutrition, convulsions, liver problems, lung problems, rashes, vomiting, arthritis, leukemia, ovarian cysts, diabetes, psoriasis, heart problems and they can even “lump together to form a ball, a tumor so to speak” Parasites look for toxic areas in the body, areas of the body with metal, fungal infections, viral infections or bacterial infections and/or candida (a build up of sugar and yeast).

Once they find a home they feed and reproduce quickly. They lay eggs under the skin which can appear in the same way as acne or an itchy rash does. The longer they are there, the stronger they become. The stronger they become the harder it can be to get rid of them. So what does get rid of them?

Wormwood and Black Walnut is one of the best herbal blends to get rid of parasites. It kills roughly 140+ parasites at any stage of life. Orbit Health Food sells Wormwood Black Walnut in a tincture and capsule form. Parasite cleanses are usually done over a period of 14 days, however we recommend remaining on it as a supplement to increase your ability to flush any and all parasites.

To learn more about parasites, what they do and how to get rid of them, the book 'Parasites The Enemy Within' by Hanna Kroeger (quotations are from this book) is a great book sold at Orbit Health Food Store as well.

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