Cupping Therapy works by using the  suction of silicone, plastic, or glass cups applied to acupoints on the back and neck.

Cupping has been reported to help with inflammation, removing toxins, increasing circulation and lymphatic fluid, back and neck pain or strain, and general balancing of the body's systems.  Each cup covers many, many acupoints that help with a plethora of issues. 


Many describe cupping as a wonderful alternative to acupuncture and it also may feel like you've had a deep tissue massage.

You will have dark spots on your skin for about a week.  These do not hurt at all.  The color is cellular debris that has risen to the surface to be eliminated. The darker the color the more stagnant the chi or qi. Grayer colors may indicate deficient chi/qi.  

Sessions are up to 20-minutes in length and are $40.  Shoulder, knee, or hip joints are $10 extra per area. 

Call or Text Debi at (615)714-3434 for an appointment.

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