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Our frequency therapy machine is based on Rife frequency equipment.  Dr. Rife was able to study live germs using microscopes he designed and Tesla's machines to understand that certain frequencies kill certain germs.  Similar to how certain frequencies break glass.
This machine has the frequencies for germs that can lead to certain issues in the body.  By taking specific issues and targeting the germ that is causing the issue,  the machine is able to gently and painlessly send a frequency through the body that simply targets the specific germ causing the issue and kill it without doing any harm to the healthy cells.  
Using basic programs based on the knowledge of certain germs linked to certain issues in the body, this machine is able to run the program for your specific issue and you are able to sit back and relax while your body restores!
To read more on Dr. Rife's work checkout these websites...

Initial Session $65

Follow-Up Sessions $15

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